OCTAX Trading Bot is on the way!🤖

here is the information of our trading bot

The OctaX team has developed a trading robot that will run on Binance Exchange, and the technique we used for development is not based on any indicators but based on the analysis of data from 3 sources. and developed into a robot.

📣 It will be available for everyone within this month!

What are these 3 sources?

source #1
  1. Data from open long and short orders from all exchanges, it can be seen that If there is any difference between long and short orders, the price of BTC will run in the opposite direction to close the opposite order.

📌This information can be used to determine the trading direction accurately.

source #2

2. Volume information of USDT and other coins that are being prepared for trading during that period. Here you will be able to Prediction the price of that day and time period.

source #3

3. BTC preparation data of every exchange will let you know what the market condition will be in a 1-month timeframe.

These 3 parts will create a robot that can trade with accuracy.

This is an example of information that the development team uses to develop our trading robot. Actually, there is more important information. but not all parts can be disclosed due to fear of being copied.

Robot trade is very different from Arbitrage Bot since we don’t have to wait for features from other sources and there is information that no one can get.

🔖 The team intends to develop this feature for the community so everyone can make a profit from trading, please stay tuned!


OCTAX’s trading bot back test result

OctaX Token (OCTAX)