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1 min readJul 14, 2021


Before becoming an OctaX smart trading bot

Of course, the problem with trading for profit from CryptoCurrency is the volatility in the market price, and the use of indicators in trading during this period is not very theoretical.

OctaX Ecosystem Infographic

OctaX came up with the idea to create a profitable tool for customers. This is caused by collecting information from many exchanges such as

🌐 Bitcoin Volatility Index
🌐 Future Open Interest
🌐 Funding rate
🌐 Liquidations Volume

All of this information is important in determining the direction of the Bitcoin price. We collect this information and process it to create a trading direction tool for all clients.

start from

  1. Collecting Crypto Data from Multiple Exchanges.
  2. merged into OctaX Data server.
  3. Before the data is processed at OctaX Smart Signal until it becomes the most efficient and accurate tool.
  4. Then send a signal to the Future trading Tool or Trading Robot in different versions to give the Robot a point in trading.

“OctaX smart trading Bot has a different trading strategy from the common trading bots on the market and is definitely difficult to copy.😎”



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