What is OctaX ?

OctaX is a group of smart contracts that works with leading DeFi projects for ensuring its users the most reliable and highly profitable level of liquidity mining at minimal fees. Our service relies on a fully transparent decentralized smart contract architecture built on top of the Binance Smart Chain

Transparent DeFi technology

Neither the Project Team, nor anyone else has access to user funds deposited via OctaX smart contract. All balances and transactions are open and available for verification.

Open source code

Our service uses a fully transparent decentralized smart contract architecture built on Binance blockchain

here is the information of our trading bot

The OctaX team has developed a trading robot that will run on Binance Exchange, and the technique we used for development is not based on any indicators but based on the analysis of data from 3 sources. and developed into a robot.

📣 It will be available for everyone within this month!

What are these 3 sources?

OctaX Bridge
The safe, fast, and most secure way to bring cross-chain assets to Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot,Matic,Cardano, and Solana

[Announce!!]We are happy to inform you that We will be launching Arbitrage robot on 7 June 2021

Hi OctaX fans.
Loterry feature be launched
1. You can choose your own digits
2. 1BUSD per ticket
3. The winning ticket will be drawn every Saturday which means the prize will be a lot.
*if there’s no winner for this round then the prize will be compounded to next round. Woah!

Q2 2021
✔️ Launch of OctaX on BSC network
✔️ Fair Launch of OctaX, OctaG Token
✔️ Staking Pools
✔️ Smart Contract Audit by Techrate
✔️ Launch Airdrop registration
✔️ Launch Lucky Lottery
🔜 UI update and Increase User dashboard
🔜 Launch DEFI arbitrage robot
🔜 Develop smart contracts and ecosystem together with Cardano

Q3 2021
- Launch Lending ,borrowing and Farm platform on Cardano network.
- List on Coingecko & CoinMarketCap
- Smart Contract Audit by CertiK
- Launching additional pools by analyzing data from Grayscale invesment Holdings and stock to
Flow Model

Q4 2021
— Integrations with liquidity aggregators
— Auto-Compounding

Welcome a New Farm on OctaX

Welcome a New Farm on OctaX



Update for an Audit report

Airdrop registration is now open, the condition for receiving is that you must have at least 0.05 in your wallet. (In your wallet only) and after 30 days you can press the claim button to receive air drop.

OctaX Finance

OctaX Token (OCTAX)

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